Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

Money is significant in our everyday life. You may access to money early and are equipped with the knowledge about controlling it. But trust me, managing money is still a challenge for some people. Especially when life has a lot of problems arising that must be solved with money.

At that time, you need to have a “financial advisor” that can categorize your expenses or a tool to help you more convenient when transferring cash flow.

What’s the tool I’m talking about?

That is, use finance apps.

In this article, we will lead you to the top 10 best mobile finance apps of 2019. Thus, your tasks will be more accessible.

Let’s see.

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

#1: Cash App

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

Cash App is the simplest way to send money to friends, relatives, and colleagues, as well as pay bills online, shopping, and more. These processes are very secure and quick.

Recently launched, Square’s Cash App has reached a new milestone on the road to becoming one of the well-known financial applications on Google Play. It is even surpassing PayPal. It is a peer-to-peer payment system that allows people to purchase goods directly.

This Cash App is relatively simple for beginners as Square holds Bitcoin for users and makes transactions on its behalf. Therefore, Bitcoin is not available on the mobile device but directly attached to your Cash App account.

Square has a high reputation for ensuring the security of online transactions. In addition to giving new users easy access to the digital world, the company also created a separate website to explain what Bitcoin is for them.

At the same time, they also make an online photo album for kids called “My First Bitcoin and Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto.”

#2: Paypal

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

As the world’s largest online payment gateway, Paypal allows you to buy goods, services, and transfer money to others. You can also receive money via Paypal and then transfer it to your bank account.

In other words, Paypal makes buying, paying, and receiving money between countries convenient, and it is increasingly popular around the world.

The most common currency of this application is USD.

Born in 1998, it now operates under the control of the eBay company and is headquartered in California, USA. After more than 20 years of operation, this payment platform has been used and trusted by hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses. Paypal has now reached 250 million active users in 2018 and has a transaction volume of nearly 150 billion USD.

Nearly 80% of foreign online shopping websites have integrated Paypal payment gateway. Therefore, you can easily come across Paypal support icons from them.

The goal of the safety and convenience of Paypal is reflected in the buyer support mode. If the seller does not ship your item, you can open “Dispute” in the Resolution Center to make a complaint. So, your money will be safe.

#3: You Need A Budget

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

You Need a Budget may be the unique expense management application you have ever used.

YNAB helps you get out of the hard life because you have to spend every dollar you save to pay expenses, debts, etc. As its name implies, this application was created based on a fundamental principle. That is, each of your coins has its own uses.

You Need a Budget does not create spending categories around currencies you don’t have, forcing you to spend within your own real income.

Spend excessively?

Of course, you will, like any others.

But YNAB will give advice on what you should change to balance your spending portfolio.

And you’re good to go.

In addition, YNAB also comes with a feature to remember the store you have visited or track your bank deposit details. Thus, you can set a maximum budget for spending in a month, a week, or a year.

YNAB works on many different devices, like computers and phones. It offers the installation of iOS or Android devices. Hence, users can control their financial matters right on their mobile devices no matter where they are.

#4: Acorns

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

Acorns supports personal finance management. It is one of the most effective saving application for both iOS and Android users. Notably, this is an excellent tool for beginners to invest by offering ways to build an investment portfolio.

When you sign up for the app, you select categories and invest for at least $5. With ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), it allows you to interact with the market through diversified portfolios.

There are two ways to contribute money to invest. One is to contribute directly via the “round ups” function on the app. And the other is to introduce friends.

Want to know the best part?

For accounts of up to $1,000,000, the fee you need to pay is only $1. And it is also extremely beneficial for college students because they can use this app for free for four years.

No need to spend a large amount of money to invest, you don’t even notice that the money is reduced. The application allows users to track the process by logging into the account at any time and place.

Besides, Acorns uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm to protect the privacy of users’ information.

#5: Robinhood

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

This option is an application created with the criteria of buying and selling stocks online but without intermediaries. The Robinhood application makes trading convenient, simple, inexpensive, and especially mobile-friendly.

This app works by tracking stock movements on the stock market in a very particular way. And the developers also added the index in chart form. Thus, it helps users to follow easily.

Developing stock trading on the app, the Robinhood developers help users convenient to be able to open it anytime and anywhere with their phones.

Besides, Robinhood’s interface also won the Apple Design Award.

If you do not know, Material Design (Best Use of Material Design) is the standard design language that Google is applying on its Android platform. Apple honored Robinhood as the best application of this design language.

Thanks to this design and interface, many people find that stock trading becomes easier to understand and save with this application.

#6: AndroMoney

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

Managing numbers is sometimes complicated and confusing. If that amount is small, it won’t matter. But when you hold a more massive amount of money, the problem gets more significant, right?

If you have trouble organizing your expenses logically and visually, then you won’t want to skip this app.

It is very convenient, fast, and straightforward. In addition to presenting your budget in detail, AndroMoney also develops a beautiful and casual interface inspired by Holo and chart analysis. Besides, it also provides cloud storage via Dropbox and Google Drive so you can find your data whenever you want.

You will quickly see which items you have spent, so tracking is also more comfortable. You will know which ones you are wasting and which ones you can save.

With the versions provided for both Android and iOS, whether you are using an iPhone or Samsung, you can manage your budget spending as fully as possible.

#7: Financial Calculators

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

A pocket calculator must be no stranger to you. Financial Calculators is such an application.

Serving as a pocket calculator on the phone, it has a simple, beautiful but full-featured graphic design for users. It supports the calculation of complex financial ratios that generally would take you a lot of time to estimate.

Primary examples include loan rates, currency exchange rates, home rent, bond rates, stocks, and many other indices. More complex, it can also measure TVM Calculator – Time Value of Money, Compound Interest Calculator, or Stock Constant Growth, etc.

What is the reason?

Well, in general, every formula built into this app is by default. It can be said that it has surpassed some standard computing software such as Google Calculator or MyScript Calculator.

The application allows you to edit and prioritize lists for easy access. Only Currency Converter needs internet access. Furthermore, Financial Calculators runs on most operating systems and is free to use.

#8: Goodbudget

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

Personal expenses also need to be calculated. Because, if personal financial management is not proper, there will not be enough budget to carry out future plans. And GoodBudget is a spending management software that is always in the top money management apps voted by technology magazines. Therefore, it is an optimal option for you.

How it allows you to synchronize your account to access multiple devices is the reason why it is on the top 10 best mobile finance apps of 2019. You can track and manage your budget on the web, mobile web, Android app, as well as the iOS app.

As long as you remember the ID and password, you can access data easily, anywhere, anytime, on any smartphone, tablet, and desktop. People who constantly change their phones also do not have to worry about losing the recorded data.

Not only is it a daily record of revenues and expenditures, but it also allows you to set a budget for other plans. They include recurring payments, long-term investments, and savings.

I’ll explain with examples. Money for meals, entertainment, utilities, gasoline, clothes, cosmetics, monthly tuition, etc. are regular expenses. Meanwhile, the amounts for houses, cars, tourism, study abroad, retirement, etc. are long-term investments and savings.

During your spending, GoodBudget helps you track each item you create in a very simple way with automatic and objective reporting.

#9: Money Lover

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

You are looking for a simple, easy to use yet powerful money management application to manage your income and expenses? Money Lover is an application that was born to help users easier to manage their own finances, towards saving and reasonable spending.

The app allows users to record all revenues and expenditures made. Then, it aggregates to help them know their consumption habits, from eating, studying, shopping to traveling and dating, etc. From there, they can actively manage their personal finances and change consumer behavior under the current financial situation.

Maybe Money Lover’s strongest point compared to other similar software is the simplicity and ease of use. Therefore, if there is no need for comprehensive and professional management, there’s no better choice for you than the Money Lover.

#10: Mint

Available in: App Store, Google Play

Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android

The Mint app helps users create budgets, spending reports, and display the history of the items you have purchased. This is one of the most appreciated personal finance applications available today.

It is a free app from the publisher Intuit – the father of a range of accounting and money management software such as TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint Bills, and Quicken. Mint helps you spend smarter and of course, save more money.

Users can manage all accounts, bank cards, and investments in the same place. As a result, it will be convenient to track spending, create budgets, and get reminders of bills due, etc.

In particular, you can also use Mint on your Apple Watch, evaluate daily spending, and set goals for each day. The watch will also display update notification of the app.

On the iPad, Mint charts and graphs will help users quickly see which items they have spent.

Final lines

With the useful Top 10 Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2019 For iOS And Android above, you won’t get in trouble with money again. Or at least, you’ll know how to change your money spending habits. If you find them helpful, don’t hesitate to like and share the article with others. For other convenient applications and tools, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Thank you.

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